About us

We're a family run kennel, actively breeding rough collies. 

Smo družinska psarna, kjer se trenutno aktivno ukvarjamo z vzrejo dolgodlakih škotskih ovcarjev


(ENG) About Us

We're a family run kennel, actively breeding rough collies. 

I've had a deep love for all animals since I can remember. I grew up on a "semi-farm" surrounded by cats, horses, goats, fish, birds, ducks, rabbits and of course - dogs. 

I was first exposed to the world of show dogs at the age of 10 when my grandparents had taken me and my brother to a botanical garden, where we ran into a chihuahua breeder socializing a litter of puppies and I was immediately intrigued. I started reading books, going to dog shows and decided that a smaller breed such as the Papillon would be a good start. After doing some research I imported my first girl, Gracie, from Germany (Susatum's Amazing Grace). Although she wasn't the best show-girl, she proved to be a great mother to my first 2 litters. One of her sons even went on to become an International, Multi Champion and Grand Champion. I also imported a stunning boy from Sweden, Zumi (Alex' Zamurai Rider), but unfortunately he did not pass his health clearances and stayed at home as a beloved pet. Although after Gracie's litters I had to take a quick break from breeding, I always stayed active within the dog-world, talked with breeders, researched pedigrees, listened to seminars, visited shows and had my eye on anything dog related. 

Finally, my girlfriend (now fiancee) Leja and I decided that we wanted to join forces and begin showing and breeding together. I always had my eye on rough collies who unfortunately were not an option when I was first starting, since my parents only allowed a smaller breed in the house. Leja also already had shepherd breeds in her heart as she owned a working border collie. Soon after we fell in love with our beloved Gill, and the rest is history. 

(SLO) Naš vzrejni program je majhen in naš namen, preprost.

Vzrejamo s prizadevanjem za ohranitev lepote in funkcionalnosti pasme na visokem nivoju. Prizadevamo si slediti zapisanem FCI standardu. Za nas je vrhunska struktura enako pomembna kot dober karakter, delavnost in predvsem - zdravje.

Vsako paritev skrbno izberemo. Legla ne bomo imeli, če ne nameravamo obdržati ali oddati v solastništvo vsaj enega od mladičkov. V vse naše mladičke vložimo veliko ljubezeni, energije in nege, da se lahko le ti razvijejo v zdrave, socializirane in vizualno korektne posameznike.

Škotski ovčarji so zelo sposobni delavni, agilitaški ali razstavni psi, vendar na koncu dneva so preko vsega hišni ljubljenčki.

Vsi naši psi živijo kot družinski člani, to pa tudi pričakujemo od novih lastnikov. S potencialnimi lastniki mladička iz naše psarne opravimo pogovor, da se odločimo, ali ste na splošno primeren lastnik ter da vam predlagamo mladiča, ki se bo najbolje ujemal z vami in vašim življenjskim slogom.

(ENG) Our breeding program is small and our purpose simple.

We breed in effort of preserving the breed's beauty and functionality at a high degree and strive to meet the FCI standard as closely as possible. To us superior structure is just as important as good character, drive and above all - health. 

Every mating is carefully planned with ourselves in mind. We will not breed a litter if we aren't planning on keeping or co-owning at least one of the puppies. With this in mind, you can understand that all of our puppies have the utmost love, energy and care put into them so that they can grow into healthy, socialized and visually correct individuals. 

Papillons & Collies are extremely capable of being working, agility or show dogs but at the end of the day, they are cherished pets. 

All of our dogs live as family members and that is also what we expect from new owners. We will have a discussion with anyone interested in an "Aetherlands" puppy, not only to decide if you are generally a suitable owner but also to match you with a puppy that has characteristics that best suit your lifestyle.