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D.O.B. 5.8.2020
CEA free/mild (ECVO)

HD (hips) AA
Breeding licence Excellent (A) 


Bred by: Mari & Jyrki Inkiläinen, Finland

About Elsye:

While Elsye was still growing up in Finland, her breeder told us that she has a very special personality for a collie. We did not fully understand what that meant until we met her, but now we know FOR SURE. Like her registered name describes her "Happy Hilarious" - Elsye walked into our home like she owned the place, fearless and full of attitude. She bribed everyone with kisses and made sure everyone was her friend. Her cheekiness brightens our days and makes us laugh soo much. Although quite full of energy, her favourite thing to do is to jump and hide in our bed when it is time to go outside in the morning, even though she's not allowed to. She makes up for it by giving us the sweetest kisses and snuggles, we just can't stay mad at her.

Her breeder already told us that she can be everywhere at once, which stands true to this day as Elsye is both a tornado and vacuum combined. She will eat ANYTHING - food, sticks, towels, toys...and one of her favourite snacks is actually a celery stick! She also loves to "re-organize" by emptying trash cans or relocating dirty laundry. Her favourite parts of the day are by far  breakfast and dinner. She is never full. It's always nice to have such a food driven dog as she behaves so well and is an ease to train. She will do anything, just to get that extra treat. We never had a dog who would have such good recall at such a young age and would pick up new tricks without any effort at all. Elsye really embodies everything we look for in our dogs - health, temperament, beauty and function. 

IHA Tulln 2021
Iris Urschitz, AT (breed) & Milivoje Urosevic (group)
ACP club virtual Speciality show 2021
Henriette Pahl, DK (Pahlex) & Janice Cook, AU (Foxbell)
VP1, BOB Puppy, BISS Puppy
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