2019 NEWS

December 07, 2019

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this story publicly or not, but decided to go ahead and put it on our website for now. As I was researching, I wasn't able to find many people speaking openly about similar experiences, I felt alone in the situation, at least until a couple of breeders contacted me privately to tell me their stories. This is a quick summary of everything that went down - if anyone would want to know more you are welcome to contact me. 

In the first half of October, our sweetheart Gill went into heat and we wanted to mate her. Prior to her heat, we visited with..... READ MORE

November 21, 2019


It was Tolstoy's first indoor show at the Croatian Club Specialty, where he won VP1, BEST OF BREED PUPPY and finished it off with BEST IN SHOW PUPPY #3! Full results and a photo from the show (7 months) are on his page :) 

We also created his pedigree in photos, which you can see here - CLICK 

September 28, 2019


Back home from an Amazing show weekend in Mostar, where Gill finished her second adult title - CH BiH! She made it extra special by winning 2x CACIB, 2x BOB and topped it off by going BEST OF GROUP #2 and BEST OF GROUP #3 in quality competition. Absolutely thrilled!

September 21, 2019


We had a really fun day today at IDS Karlovac, where Tolstoy was entered in his very first show and won BOB Baby!

I'm very proud of him as he has proven to be a natural in the ring, loved all the attention and was totally relaxed on the showground.

Check out his page for a new photo (5 months old).

August 20, 2019


After driving more than 4600km over the span of 4 days, I am excited to welcome a new member to our team - Aelle Evenstar Dreamcatcher! www.aetherlands.net/dreamcatcher

I fell in love with his confident, laid back and people-loving character the moment we picked him up. We have lots of hopes for our first blue merle collie and are crossing our fingers he develops as nicely as he has until now 😊

Bred by Yulia Turovtseva 

June 18, 2019


We got mail! Jack's hips were X-rayed and graded excellent "AA" - YAAY! He also had his first obedience trial with his owner, where he obtained the Obedience ISP-A certificate - with a whopping 97% score!

June 14, 2019


We attended the Euro Dog Show in Wels, Austria with our lovely Gill. Although she had just dropped her coat, she showed her socks off and won Excellent 3 in a large and strong class of intermediate females. We couldn't be happier! Judged by Liz Cartledge, UK. 

June 11, 2019

Site Updates

We updated Jack and Gill's pages with their "photo pedigrees" featuring their ancestors. Quick links below:
Gill: www.aetherlands.net/gill-ped-photos

Jack: www.aetherlands.net/jack-ped-photos

May 10, 2019


Fabulous day today at NDS Samobor where our crazy boy Jack won his crowning CAC and is now a newly titled CROATIAN CHAMPION! So happy with what this young boy has achieved in such a short period of time.

April 30, 2019


We had an amazing time at the Zadar Show Circuit (4x CACIB, 1x CAC), where Jack and Gill were both entered in adult (intermediate) classes for the first time. Gill finished her CROATIAN CHAMPION title and Jack came home with 3x CAC - for the full results please see each of their individual pages :) 

April 12, 2019


We had a fun day today travelling to Maribor with Jack and Gill for the annual breeding exams and I'm thrilled to say that they both received "A" grade licences with some lovely compliments! 

March 08, 2019


We had an x-ray of Gill's hips done and received the results. We're thrilled to announce that she got an amazing score and they're officially graded AA!

Gill is out of CIB, Multi CH Skabona Oriental Style (CIB, Multi CH Rejejs Oriental Milk Chocolate x CIB, Multi CH Just a Lady Fantazija) and JCH Black Swan of the Windy Lands (CH Hot n Spicy of the Holy Mountain x CH A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain), both of whom have healthy hips as well. 

January 19, 2019


Today we were at CACIB Slovenia Winner with Gill, where she won Ex1, JCAC, Best Bitch and BOS out of Junior class! She also qualified for Crufts 2020, under judge Jose Homem de Mello, PT.

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